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Professionalism to reach successfully
in business pattern, grow together in stability.

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What We can do For Your business

Set up and Pre-Opening

This period will be focusing on a new property or a property that requires operation re-structured (management transition).


This period will be focusing on a new property or a property that requires operation re-structured (management transition). On this period, Humus hospitality management is able to provide a specific preparation and target in certain period to get overall operations ready and run properly as the standard required. Humus hospitality management effectively begin the set up process post “Hand over key” from contractor (for a new property) and for a property that required management transition, Humus hospitality management will provide full handing over assistance during management transition. Set up process will be covering Human resources area, Sales and marketing structure, overall operations aspect, overseeing service and facilities, Vendors and third parties arrangement. Humus Hospital management is more than welcome to customize your property needs. 

Full management Service

Humus hospitality management will provide full services in overall daily operations and Sales and Marketing.


Humus hospitality management will provide full services in overseeing in both property operations as well as Sales and MarketingWith full services system , as the property operator Humus hospitality management will ensure the property daily operations is smoothly run, the service and facilities are according to the standard required,  staff performance are meet the highest expectation, and the overall property’s booking and sales performance are in the right track.

Reservation, Marketing & Sales Service

Humus hospitality management will provide only focusing on Sales & Marketing service.


Humus hospitality management will provide only focusing on Sales & Marketing service. The service will covers Rate structure, sales budget and projection, sales promotion through potential offline & online agents with effectiveness expenses (e-commerce services) and reservations. Optional advance service involving Social Media, Virtual tour and advance sales & marketing collateral, SEO, TV advertising program, Travel events and others commercial portals. 

Optional Limited Service

Humus hospitality management offer limited service focusing in some areas that potentially improve client’s business performance and effectiveness.


Humus hospitality management offer limited service focusing in some areas that potentially improve client’s business performance and effectiveness. 

  • E-commerce  (portals management and similar)
  • Human Resources set up (staff and SOP) or including transition process.
  • Bar section set up includes staff training or staff training only
  • FB product set up or staff training only (menu adjustment)
  • FB service training ( sequence of service and attitude)
  • HK Department (Chemicals application training)
  • Hotel system Applications ( department integrated)  (standard set up or advance system application)
  • Virtual Tour 360 degree on web application , professional Photograph and Video, advance marketing and promotion collateral  
  • IT and Website development / re-structured.
  • Social media management 
  • Represent property on the travel events or in similar event, arrange potential sales trip program.
  • Events - Wedding consultation and arrangement.
  • Tour and transport arrangement.

Care Taker Service
( Non-commercial property )

Humus hospitality management is not only focusing on rental accommodation service.


Humus hospitality management is not only focusing on rental accommodation service. Our professional team at Humus hospitality management are more than happy to manage non-commercial private property and look after it well for you according to your requirements. The service provide will cover in-house cleaning routine, property maintenance supervision ( if any), regular maintenance control, garden and swimming pool cleaning service, manage monthly bills and expenses, provide monthly report to owner. However, The services are not applicable for live-in owner’s property. 

Property Business Development Service

Humus hospitality management will assist owner in their business development plan such as consultancy in terms of Building concept and idea


Humus hospitality management will assist owner in their business development plan such as consultancy in terms of Building concept and idea, provide full report and analysis of property ROI projection, project developments.

About Humus

Humus hospitality management established in 2007 in Bali – Indonesia.

It’s a brand name that born and inspired by a philosophy of “Humus”, it’s a very unique of colloidal mass of partially decomposed organic matter in the soil. It improves the fertility and water retention of the soil and is therefore important for plant growth. 
We love the idea, we want to provide a “nutrition” – a “humus” to your property which basically (the main goals) to make your property’s overall performance better and to grow success into the right path of the investment.
Humus hospitality management has assembled a driven, qualified team to effectively manage hotels or Villas.   The professionals in its field who have been dedicated their skill and knowledge in operating various rental accommodations for more than 15 years experience. 
We treat our clients as our respectful partner, understand their requirements and evaluate the product, develop a plan for maximizing market potential and profitability. We are ready to connect your property to more than 250 marketing sources worldwide. 
Humus hospitality management is a full service property management company provides Management services include Initial Consultation, Pre-opening and ongoing management contracts.  
Humus hospitality management will offer our clients a full assistance on their business plan and operational supervision.  
Market penetration, operating efficiency, and customer satisfaction has given Humus hospitality management an enjoyable reputation in the marketplace. 
Please contact us to learn more about our property management services.

Meet fully satisfaction in all spects for both management and property, recognize and establish the properties, maintain and increasing the goal target.

Humus Mission

Professionalism to reach successfully in business pattern, grow together in stability

Humus Vision

Why Choose Humus Hospitality Management

Trusted company and Professional team in developing and managing the properties.

Creating  attractive business concept especially in properties.

Target oriented and granted.

Service oriented committed to meet satisfaction of Owner, Management and Guest.

Work with passion to achieve most attractive and successful way on a long term goal of partnership

We could assist to advertise your resort/villas through our marketing links.

Reliable prices The expense of management fee could be discussed. 

Experienced team with various skills and experiences in handling different type of properties in different locations.

Almost every real estate investor desires a satisfactory income from their properties without the inconvenience of having to manage and attend to it. We offer you our expertise and personalized techniques of managing your property. Our management concept is founded on professionalism, integrity, accountability, and quality service that guarantee the maximum return of your investment, while maintaining your property at the highest standards to attract the best tenants possible. If you are looking for a recognized leader in the hospitality industry with a proven record, we hope your choice will be

Andreas S.Philkan
CEO - Humus Hospitality Management

How we handle your property

General responsibilities

  • Humus hospitality is responsible in overall operations aspect to maintain the guest review to ensure the villa quality and standard and direct reporting onto the villa operational and Owner.
  • Reservation duties, Humus hospitality is fully responsible to recieve any reservation booking made from all reservation booking sources (travel agents offline & online, companies, airlines, direct booking and etc). 
  • E-commerce, Humus hospitality is fully responsible to maintain all the extranets agents and official website booking engines to increase the property revenue. 
  • Marketing & Sales, Humus hospitality is fully responsible to market and upselling the property to increase revenue as the proposed target. 
  • Ensure property is aware of government and authorites standard regulations.
  • Keep the environment well and built harmony relationship with surroundings elements.
  • Maintenance.  In order to keep the property in a good condition and well presented Humus Hospitality will represent you to oversee the property’s facilities improvement progress , arrange maintenance service and to ensure your property always ready to receive booking . 
  • Ensure the overall staff needs are accommodate well based on the level and standard required to support better performance as the result.

Full range of Marketing Service

The services in this area all relate to the provision of marketing collateral to assist in the presentation of the property to agents and direct booking clients.  

In order to market effectively a villa property there are certain products or tools that are essential, as well as additional products or tools that may be desirable, to further showcase the property. All of the following services are available through humus hospitality (note that some of these items incur additional expense, as per the Optional Services schedule, below)

  • Listing on the Humus website & access to our client and agent extranet,
  • Links to your direct booking site from the Humus hospitality Group websites,
  • Creation of room charting  
  • Online marketing services,
  • Brochure creation,
  • Promotional CD-ROMs

Distribution of marketing collateral will occur in the following manners (these services are included for no additional fee):

  • Via email, upon request
  • Via mail, upon request
  • Via Agent Extranet on the all online site
  • Via posting on public areas of websites, where appropriate
  • Physical distribution of printed materials & CDs, where appropriate

Handling Agent Relations

Client Villa/Hotel will be promoted to the Humus hospitality network of agents.  This allows Villa/Hotel to make immediate contact with our growing network of agents worldwide (currently over 250 agents).  These agents have Bali clientele and know the Humus Hospitality systems and services.  This generates immediate exposure and awareness of the villa and is the most likely path for generating qualified leads in the shortest time.  Choosing Humus Hospitaly for your marketing allows you to leverage your marketing significantly: You work with one company  but you gain global reach. Of course, for many clients, one of the key agent relationships we bring is with the Humus Hospitality.  Villa/Hotel using Humus Hospitality marketing services will be eligible for expedited listing on either the Humus hospitality (The criteria for assignment depends on the price range of the Villa/Hotel and whether the Villa/Hotel includes shared services. In some cases, Villa/Hotel are actually listed on both sites.) 

Listing on the Humus hospitality website provides you immediate exposure to both new prospects , significantly repeat business customer base.  

Humus hospitality sales and reservation staff  will handle agent enquiries and provide one point of contact to all agents interested in representing your property.  We will handle all the agent requests and deal with the wide variety of issues that tend to arise with an active rental property.  With this service, Humus hospitality Marketing both decreases the burden on the Villa/Hotel owner / manager. 

Humus Hospitality Marketing can help a new Villa/Hotel get off to a good start by arranging agent walk-troughs or open house events targeted specifically at agents to introduce them to the property and the booking systems associated with it. 

Provision of Reservations Services

Humus Hospitality maintain an easily accessible office with extensive infrastructure (broadband internet, electricity backup, phone lines, IT support,etc.) to support relations with clients.  We normally turn around all reservation requests by agents and clients on the same day, and 95% within 24 hours.

For all bookings, we have a full time staff devoted to handling the villas calendars and processing the booking requests for reservations and confirmations. For Hotel, we will do proper recruitment and oversee the staff performance regularly (necessary advance training in reservation include introducing reservation system application is part of the service we provide based on hotel’s need).

We will ensure that all communication with clients is done in an upscale and friendly manner, reflecting the quality of the Villa or hotel we represent, while ensuring timely and personalized communication.

Brand Building PR and Events

Humus Hospitality will also tap into the public relations resources. We will ensure all our clients will have equal PR and brand awarness through our media relations. In some conditions an optional services is needed in terms of to get maximum exposure  of property brands, we will more than happy to assist your property to find better agreement. Please find more details on our limited optional services above. Each property is highly recommended to have proper high quality of images using professional photographer for better result as this will affect property sales.

Humus Hospitality will regularly oversee any of main tourism events or Travel fair calendar that suit for the property to join in regional or international.